Thankfully I was able to take a trip to Costa Rica before the pandemic. About   two weeks after I got home the pandemic was announced, I am ever so grateful that I had a chance to go on this trip   

I arrived in Costa Rica late at night as that’s when most airlines, come in, I was met by a driver and taken to my Hotel. El Sesteo The next day, went to the Central Museum, which was nice. It’s the museum to find about Costa Rica. Then I got on the Viator tour which was like a hop-on hop-off bus.

I got to see CENTRAL AVENUE where the pedestrian malls are, and we went to the Central Market which was pretty big with lots to see and eat if you want, and then off to the National Museum. The lobby is grander, that was as far as we could go today, then some free time to shop and explore the pedestrian mall. Then off to the Gold Museum, which holds a lot of precious gold in the world. We had lunch, stop before heading to the National Park. At the end of the VIATOR half-day tour, I was dropped off at my hotel 

The next 8 days, I did with The Gap. We had a group meeting at 1800 hours. then a group dinner at La Parriellita De Peppe., which was just around the corner from the hotel. The food was pretty good. 

 February 1, 2020 

We had an early start to the day and left the hotel at about 0715 as we had several stops before we got to La Fortune. On the way, we stopped at Paz waterfalls. And then, the Mr. Cafecto coffee plantation, then off to La Fortuna. We’re staying at the Arenal Echo hotel Lodge, before getting the accommodations we stopped in town to book activities for the next day at Defasto Adventures.

 They plan/run a lot of trips such as Whitewater rafting, waterfall jumping, canyoning, or biking, they can help you do it.  I booked a 4-hour mountain biking, tour for USD 85.00

The next day they picked us up at eight o’clock in the morning and took us to the edge of Arenal National Park to start the ride. It was a 14-k ride with beautiful scenery and at the end of the ride they had fresh pineapple and a beer for us then back to the hotel and a walk around town,  

 I met my friends who did other things. Then we all went to the, to the la Fortuna falls. It was amazing, even though it was raining, there are 500 steps down to the bottom. And   500 steps up.

 At 2000 hours we had a group meeting and left for the hot springs, at Los Lagos resort. It was amazing. It was our football season, in North America, and   Super Bowl is going to be played in the hot spring’s cold tubs, and wet bar, it’s like being in Las Vegas. I suggest it to anyone to go, you’ll have a great time.  And a $7.00 buffet dinner

The next day, February 3, 2020. 

We left the hotel at about 815 for Monde Verdi with a 20-minute stop to get a powerboat to take us across the lake as the road are not in great shape and they don’t have bridges to take you across

 It was a nice one-hour boat ride across. We were picked us up on the other side. Then we had a two-hour minivan ride up narrow hills and roads with amazing views. The scenery was amazing and I would do it again. We’re staying at the Historias Lodge in Monte Verde, the downtown area is about a 20-minute walk 

 Down the street from our hotel is a bakery so off to the bakery for a quick lunch then off to the Hanging Bridge, in the Monte verse Cloud Forest. For $39US you can walk, across the bridge, It’s 3 kilometers with 8 bridges and it’s very lush 


February 4,2020, the day started at 750. 

We were picked up for zip-lining, by Adventure Monte Verde which was awesome, you have to try it’s not as hard as you think.  You’re flying and you think you’re going to fall but you won’t 

After zip-lining, we came back to town walked around, and had lunch at Taco Taco After lunch it was back to the lodge, to rest for half an hour and then horseback riding and again, amazing scenery. And we got to watch the sunset. that was awesome. 

February 5, 2020. 

We left the hotel again at eight o’clock in the morning, for our bus ride to Quepos, and again it was a scenic bus ride.  and a boat ride to get us across to the other side. We did stop to see Alligators

We’re staying at the Mimos Hotel in Quepos. The rooms are large and have four poster beds. And there’s a pool here. 

 We had some downtime so I took the public bus to Manuel Antonio beach

 Dinner was at El Arado

February 6, 2020

Again, an early morning start at seven o’clock to the Manual Antonio Park with a guided tour. 

Having a guided tour ($38US) was the best thing I honestly didn’t think a guided tour would be great, but it was amazing. The tour guide had a panoscope So if you have a camera or cell phone, you can put it up to, the panoscope and take pictures and you get amazing close-up pictures, also with the panoscope you see some things that you would not see with the naked eye. It was just amazing. There were, butterflies, caterpillars and lizards, just to name a few insects hidden inside the forest that you wouldn’t see on your own, so it was great. 

lizard close up thanks to the panoscope

 It’s also best to go in the morning because it does get hot. We also saw a Spider monkey, a Howler monkey. and White-faced monkey

 Then we’re off to the private beach to have some more fun with my friends. 

 February 7 2020 the seventh

 After Breakfast I took a quick trip to the beach to look at the shops before our 1130 departure back to San Jose

 It was a 4-hour drive with nice scenery. And we’re staying at the same hotel we started our trip from  Hotel El Sesteo

 February 8, 2020

 As I had an extra day in San Jose before going home, I booked a half-day tour of Irazu Volcano and Cartago

, It was an early start to get to the volcano early, as you’re 11,000 feet above sea level. Great view on the way up

. On the way to Cartago, there we stopped at the Basilica de Los Angles, which is amazing inside that’s all I can say. And it was great.

I had dinner at La Esquina de Buenos Aries, restaurant.  which serves food from Argentina bonus areas and the steak was amazing. 

And I felt again like I was in Argentina and the wine and everything else was just amazing. 

February 9 20 20 was my last day. 

I had to check out early. SoI went into town, as my flight wasn’t till the night


I went back to the theater Tetro National Costa Rica because on the first trip I didn’t have time to get any further than the lobby but I got a tour to take me past the lobby, The tour of the entire theater is simply amazing. Anyone that goes to I suggest that you go there. 


I spent the day on the great pedestrian wall. And then I went, I saw the telegraph building and church with metal ceilings and intricate work and yes, the chandeliers were beautiful. 


I had lunch at Tenador Argentina across from the theater and then back to the hotel to get ready to leave it was an amazing time anyone has time to go to Costa Rica, there are lots to do for everybody, you can go at a fast pace, a slow pace There is something. to-do but San Jose de la Fortuna and Monte Verde for everyone

scenery on the drive from one town to the next